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A Fan Was Blown Away When Mia Khalifa Punched Him For Taking A Selfie With Her Without Permission

At the point when Mia Khalifa's fans detect her in the city, they clearly need to click a photo with her in light of the fact that selfies are the new signatures. Be that as it may, assent is a solid word which is extremely easy to spell and troublesome for some to get it. At the point when Mia was strolling on a road in Texas and this fan recognized her, much to his dismay that this tryst would wind up severely.

He took a stab at bringing a selfie with her, without her consent, and it clearly did not run down well with her, so Mia calmly punched him.

Before long suppositions and perspectives began coasting on Twitter and individuals even safeguarded Mia, posting their own selfies with her where she can be seen grinning enthusiastically.

Mia close down every one of her haters with an extremely basic tweet, expressing gratitude toward individuals who asked her before bringing a photo with her.

VIPs are people as well, and some of the time individuals overlook that.

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