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Your life before and after marriage, in pictures

Men and women likely (meaning statistically likely not as a predictor for any individual) marry for different reasons, and they instinctively understand what the other party wants.  Thus men attempt to upgrade their 'provider cred' by enhancing their career earning potential, demonstrating their ability to provide shelter and food, being sensitive, romantic, and nurturing.  Women try to look more attractive, defer to their intended, and up their willingness to offer sex.  

Both of these things are a form of 'marketing'.   

Once married, either party may feel a lesser need for this type of 'marketing behaviour', and thus they let go, watch sports and drink beer (the guys) or get fat and allow their inner mean spirit to show (the girls).  

The best advice I can give is to understand from day one that no marriage is ever final by mandate, and both need to keep their 'marketing posture' at the forefront throughout the relationship.   

Having said that, my experience (limited to my own observation but also extensive in having known and observed thousands of married couples) is that it is usually the woman who determines when a marriage is over.   She may manifest this by withholding the attentions she freely gave when seeking the wedding, to begin with.  She may stay, but her behaviour says "it's over".    

When I see a woman get fat and mean, I often see a man who is also selfish and inattentive.   There may not be a chicken or an egg... perhaps they devolved in sync.   Like it or not, however, it is almost never going to be the wife who changes first, if there is to be a salvage of a deteriorating relationship.

Each couple has their own life and love story, before and after marriage. Nevertheless, here’s what we at casual please think is a list of typical everyday situations that you and your partner might find familiar!

Here, Your life before and after marriage, in pictures


Things we do for love

Things that keep couples together


Women’s eating habits

Levels of trust

Watching movies


Revealing your love

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