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The Tips to Have Long and Dense Hair

Who doesn't want long and thick hair, every person whether its girl or boy want their hair to be healthy, long, shiny without any problems, here cautionpls provides hair fall remedies homemade

Natural Hair Care

So, I am sharing a herbal shampoo recipe with you guys which is effective, if you use this shampoo at least twice a week you will see the result, this shampoo promotes hair growth, strengthen your hair, treats dandruff in one wash.

You have to arrange some herbs

1.) Jatamasi ( spikenard) ( one table spoon) : 

This herb has been using since ancient times , its really beneficial for hair and body , this herb promotes hair growth, add shine to your hair , strengthen your hair , treat scalp infections and Work as a stress buster , give coolness to your brain and help in reducing stress and anxiety.


2.) Amla (Indian gooseberry)( one tbs); we all know Amla properties and how amla do magic for hair

3.) Shikakai (1 tbs): This herb treats dandruff and condition your hair. You must add this herb in your pantry if you love your hair.


4.) Reetha( 1tbs) :


Reetha gives you such satisfaction as you applied shampoo. It condition your hair and treat scalp infections

5.) Green tea leaves ( 1 tbs ) for infusing water

Green tea leaves

6.) Bringraj ( one table spoon) its really beneficial for hair growth , conditioning and treat scalp infections.



  • For making infused green tea water, you have to boil green tea leaves in water until the leaves get infused in water well and store it in a bottle and use when ever you want.
  • Gather all these herbs and make the powder to them and mix them well with each other ( (one table spoon each herb and Multani Matti powder ).
  • Store this powder in an airtight container ( IT will last up to one year ).
  • Whenever you want to shampoo your hair just take one table spoon or as required according to your hair length, and add infused green tea water in this mixture ( you have to add ample amount of water because these herbs soaks water fast and thicken) then leave it over Night or at least two hours ( prefer over night for best results)
  • Then apply this paste or shampoo (consistency of this paste should be runny) to your hair and massage well and leave it for around 10 minutes then wash it off with normal water.

( Use only glass or plastic bowl for this mixture )

This recipe i learnt from Dr Shalini (naturopath)

You will be amazed at results.

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