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After WannaCry, Its 'Fireball' Malware and India is hit by this Malware

Many companies are still overcoming from the ‘WannaCry' ransomware attack that hit over 150 million computers worldwide. Security firm Check Point has published a warning that a new malware is out there that is changing computers and India is among the worst-hit countries.

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New Malware named "Fireball Malware"
The new malware is called as “Fireball”, and the malware changes the default search engine of your browser by itself and tracks a user on behalf of Beijing digital marketing firm, Rafotech.

Wired reported the 1st instance of the outbreak and the Chinese company said that the defect can run on the prey's computer remotely and also has the ability to install critical files. 

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Fireball Malware Flow - 250 million systems affected
“A quarter-billion PCs could very easily become victims of this real malware. It installs a backdoor into all these machines that can be very, very easily misused in the hands of the people behind this campaign,” said the head of Check Point research team "Maya Horowitz".

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Fireball Malware
Check Point also believes that at least 1 in 5 corporate networks have been affected worldwide and “only a little of those victims, around 5.5 million desktops, are in the US. Far worse hit are in the countries like India and Brazil, with close to 25 million affected machines each,”

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Installing unknown software automatically in the Victim's Machine
Horowitz further demonstrated that the developers behind the malware have only 1 intention i.e. monetize ads and it looks like they want to have the chance to take it to the next level.

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