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Why am I still single at 25? here are with great explanation


  • Girls don’t go for looks
  • Girls don’t go for how smart you are only
  • Unlike us most of us men who are turned on by looks, most women are turned on by your personality. This is not one of those “inner beauty is the only beauty that matters” shit. This is actual evolutionary biology at play. If you want to date, you have to understand biology.

   Animals (including humans) tend to chose that which is best for the propagation of their species and genes.

Going back to the caveman days, men opted for women with “child-bearing” hips, strong legs and big bosoms able to make a child survive. Clear skin and symmetrical faces meant disease free. It was biology at play. So men used to be attracted mostly to such women, which explains now why men are attracted to big boobs and butts, legs and outer beauty in women, as it meant healthier babies and healthy propagation of your genes.

Women looked for the same thing: propagation of their genes and survival of their babies. Strong muscles enough to kill predators and rival tribes to protect them, power in the terms of where you are in the social hierarchy of the tribes as it meant more resources for the woman and her babies, better hip power as it meant better ability to thrust during sex and thus better chances of propagation (as per a new study). So while today we may not be hunting saber tooth tigers as a tribe, women are still attracted to social power, an ability to stand up for himself, confidence and ability to work, and frankly, butts. Not your looks, but how well you can groom yourself. Not how smart you are, but how you can apply that for your survival.

Once you understand that, we can proceed to understand why YOU personally do not have a girlfriend.

Let me go into those infomercial rants:

“Are you someone who gets friend zoned by all? Do women feel like they’re talking to their brother? Would they rather date a fence than the date you? Do you feel like your hand is your only friend? 
You can now do away with all your problems with this revolutionary product called Improve yourself!!!!”

Seems straight forward right? Because it’s the answer. (Most) Women do not care about your looks. Sure they might have preferences (like with/without beard or round versus thin), but these are due to somewhere in their life so far that they liked someone or something with those properties. But, even these can be overridden if you have other properties.

Most women look for a few simple things:

  • You need not look like George Clooney (Have a cookie if you do). What they truly care about is your ability to groom yourself and maintain hygiene.
  • You need not be a millionaire, but you should have the ability and drive to become one if required.
  • You need not look like a Fitness Model, but should be able to keep yourself healthy. No one likes a man who looks like a hobo.
  • You need not have a Ph.D., but should have at least enough brains to survive.
  • All these are not necessities but do have their plus points if you have them.

Other than that, some common misconceptions:

  • Women like bad boys who treat them like shit. 
  • Women like men with confidence and thrill. Bad boys have that.
  • You should have humor if you want to date
  • No. Though it’s a plus point.
  • Once friend-zoned, always friend-zoned
  • It can change at any time based on how your relationship evolves.
  • If I’ve never had a girlfriend, I must be broken.
  • You’re just as much broken as you think you are. No one dating you does not mean that. It just means you were playing chess while you needed to play football.
  • So, in conclusion, “If men like the state, women like the process to reach that state.”
  • You’re not going to have a girlfriend fall into your lap. You will have to go out, meet new people, ask out girls, face possible rejections, and get a girlfriend. Even your friends will have faced rejection many times before finding a girl who likes them. That’s the dating game. You win sometimes, and you lose sometimes.

At the same time, work on your life. If your goal is to get a girlfriend, you will not get one. Make your goal to build your life, and girls will like you for it.

A final suggestion is “Do not fall in love with someone and then ask them out. Fall in love only after you’re dating that girl”.

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