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Meet Google's Security Princess, Parisa Tabriz The Woman Back of Chrome's Hackproof Algorithm

34-year-old Iranian-American, Parisa Tabriz is the Google's Head of Product Security, are the women behind Google Chrome foolproof and hackproof security operation. Remember that when you open your Google Chrome's tab for your daily email, your Facebook, upload and transfer huge files, search through a goldmine of information for anything and everything.

She joined Google back in 2007, and ever since, there has been the power of change by way of performing quick reaction teams and responses and detecting bugs and loopholes that could settle Google and by an extension every Google user in the world. She was in Forbes' 2012 ‘Top 35 People Under 30 To See In the Technology Industry' and earned herself the moniker of ‘Security Princess' amongst security and media professionals, alike. Together, Tabriz and her team call themselves the Department of Chrome and Security and we truly think it's very cool. In fact, can we get in about that? And if so, then, how? Where the hell does we sign up, and The team comprises of 30 ‘white hat hackers' which just involves security researchers who attempt to hack operations for a good cause and as opposed to black hat hackers who are understood to breach software for personal gain or cheap thrills. They're the good guys. You can even call them the Suicide Squad of the security system. And I'm much sure they do a much better job than the clowns(actors) did in the movie.

“My job has changed over these ten years, but our mission to keep our user's data safe and secured as same, ” Tabriz, who has worked with Google for ten years now and said in Digital News Asia interview. The woman has a website known As I Rap (http://asirap.net/) (unremarkable home on the web) 

“For an important chunk of my waking hours, I work making things like this more secure. I've also had the opportunity of working with the U.S. Digital Service to enhance network and software security at the White House. Hacking information protection is fun,“ Hacking can be ugly,” she told the Telegraph in an interview. “The guy who issued the private photos of those celebrities online made headlines universally. What he did was not only a violation of these women, but it was criminal, and as a hacker, I was saddened by it. I feel like we, the hackers, need better PR to show we're not all like that. After all, I'm in the profession of protecting people.” and I'm much lucky I get paid to work with the world's best,” she besides writes on her website. Her job challenges Tabriz to think like black hat hackers—about the way they work,  work and how their minds purposes, much like an FBI agent in the behavioral unit.

In her free time that is, when she is not busy keeping the digital world safe and sound Tabriz takes immense pleasure in making gelato, and she told in an interview to the Daily Mail. Well, isn't she a multi-tasker? Minimal to say, Tabriz is not just a force to count with, but someone to look up to and strive to be like. Singlehandedly, Tabriz leads a team of 30 individuals who work tirelessly day and night to keep Google Chrome a safe area for every internet user and that right there is a lot like being guardians of the real. The Avengers have nothing on them.

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