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13 Freakish Beard Styles From Fashion Week You Shouldn't Be Missing Out On

If there's  indulgence as a man, you're completely missing out on, and it's got to be a well-groomed and gorgeous beard. In folk and blues, beard represents the quintessential man, and besides, it's also a ticket to weaken the female lore. Before you stutter and take some inspiration and grab that damn razor!

1. Long Handlebar

 2. Grassy Hollywoodian

3. Boxed

4. 3-Day Stubble

5. Joint Hollywoodian

6. Full Stubble

7. Moustached Boxed Beard

8. Conventional Hollywoodian

9. Full Boxed Beard

10. Snipped Ducktail

11. Balbo Handlebar

12. Just-Trimmed Stubble

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