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Here are top 10 professional life hacks

Here I come to you with a list of the Top 10 Life hacks told by the people who do the job. The working force of the world let you in on their deepest, most kept secrets to caution you on the do’s and don’ts when tackling those need to do tasks.

1.) Come in on time and leave office on time.

2.) Dress appropriately every day - You never know when you would be presenting your company to a     group of complete strangers, and your business requires you to be the best face forward.

3.) Make the most of your time within the stipulated work hours - Avoid bringing work home. Some meetings are unavoidable but complete the work in the office.

4.) Stay away from loose talk as much as possible - Finish your job. Work on just that. I avoid all forms of conversations when I'm working by listening to music. It nullifies the outside sound.

5.) Make the most of your downtime in office - When you've got a lull in work, work on improving yourself professionally. See what you want to be doing a couple of years down the lane and start mastering yourself in that skill.

6.) Network - There is a big difference between getting respected and demanding respect. Getting appreciated at work is of utmost importance as it helps in growing your network. This system forms the solid base of your professional front.

7.) Engage - Don't stick to just your team. Move around. Your workplace is not the place to make best friends so you won't be called a social butterfly. It's the place where you learn from others and make it your strong suit either within the company or outside it.

8.) Project yourself - There are times when all we do is the background work, and then we explain it to someone to do the prominent part. I've been guilty of that usual time, start small and then work your way up. I got over the fear of projecting my doing open nicely to people I barely knew.

9.) Stand up for what is right - Your professional life would always be intertwined in some manner and form with your personal life especially regarding morals and ethics. Ensure yours is top notch.

10.) Enjoy whatever you do - Whatever you do, enjoy it. Take in more after the learning curve has been achieved. This is after all that brings in your bread and butter.

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