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Cloud that rains Tequila? Mexico Tourism Board creates this cloud

Cloud that rains Tequila? 

You will generally hear people saying “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.” Some fancier enlightened beings will make our own versions with tequila and whiskey. Well, it seems that the Mexico tourism board has taken these words too seriously and come up with their own quirkier version which is guaranteed to be loved by everyone.

The only difference is they does not have a lemon, but rain. How about this – “When nature gives you rain, grab a shot of tequila.” Confused? Well, you won't be once we tell you that Mexico had created a ‘cloud' that will rain tequila. Boy, we are falling in love with technology every f**king day.

Tequila Cloud

Thanks to the invention of technology and gadgets like smartphones, laptops and GPS systems; our lives have become way easier and convenient. While we can't thank enough the people who invented these, it is the idiosyncratic minds of some geniuses and their fantastic thinking skills that compel us to bow down before them. Who in their minds would have ever thought of producing a f**king tequila ‘cloud'? But, the LAPIZ and Mexico Tourism Board turned this into a reality. 

The motive? To attract tourists from Germany. They installed the cloud at an art gallery in rain-soaked Berlin. According to LAPIZ, the company behind this invention – the device was synced with the local weather, and whenever it rained in Berlin, the tequila cloud also would rain too. Wow! These minds make us think, “What the f**k did we ever achieve in our lives?”

However, here's the catch – this cloud will not be able to float freely outside. What looks like an alcohol-infused cloud is a tequila-based mist, which is gathered in a plastic container and makes it seem like a cloud. These clouds are made to vibrate using an ultrasonic humidifier, which turns alcohol into a visible fog. Then the vapor and sprays of tequila condense inside the plastic container, forming raindrops which the drinkers can happily splurge on using either a shot glass or a huge mug. The choice is yours!

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